Conference topics

Conference topics:

  • Flora, biogeography and ecology of cyanoprokaryota/cyanobacteria;
  • Polyphasic approach in systematics;
  • Molecular ecophysiology;
  • Metagenomic studies of various microbiological communities including cyanoprokaryota/cyanobacteria;
  • Secondary metabolites: structure, biosynthesis, physiological function, importance for nature, methods of detection, biotechnological applications;
  • Cyanobacterial “blooms” in aquatic ecosystems, development of techniques and methods for the ecological rehabilitation of water bodies;
  • Cyanoprokaryota/Cyanobacteria as a component of the aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems. Symbiotic associations;
  • The role of cyanobacteria in the evolution of the biosphere;
  • Modern approaches of sampling and cultivation;
  • Field trips (trips at mire and forests ecosystems of the middle taiga).

Final scientific and field agenda will be made based on the submitted registration forms.

Types of reports: plenary lections (30 min.), online lections of leading scientists, section reports (15
min.), posters, field trips, microscopic sessions.

Conference languages: Russian and English.