Field excursion

Field trip to the spring bog near Syktyvkar

Mires of downstream nature (spring bogs) attracted the attention of not only mire experts, but also specialists from other fields, for example plant scientists, zoologist and others because this kind of mire ecosystems are rare nature systems that are of great value for the conservation of biological diversity. Spring bog are not so common as other types of mires, but have the highest level of floristical and coenotical diversity. There, we can find many rare species of vascular plants.

Field trip to the bog

Our spring bog is located in the east part of European Russia, middle taiga, near the Syktyvkar 3-3.5 km south-east from the city at the watershed between Sysola and Vychegda rivers (N 61°40′08″, E 51°02′52″, 116 meters above sea level).

Field trip to the pine forest near Syktyvkar

In the Komi republic, light coniferous forests are presented by two formations – pine forests and larch forests (Forests of the Komi Republic, 1999). Pinus sylvestris is the dominant species in the pine forests of the Komi Republic. Other tree species that can be found in the light coniferous forests are spruce (Picea obovata), birch (Betula pubescens and Betula pendula) and aspen (Populus tremula). Pine and larch are grown in European Northeast of Russia probably since the lower Pleistocene.

Field trip to the forest

During the trip, we are going to visit several types of pine forests (N 61°40′27″, E 51°03′15″, 120 meters above sea level).