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Cyanoprokaryota/Cyanobacteria: systematic, ecology, distribution: Proceedings of the 2nd International scientific Conference, September 16–21, 2019, Syktyvkar, Russia. Syktyvkar: Institute of Biology, Komi Scientific Center, UB RAS, 2019. – 304 p.

DOI: 10.31140/book-2019-03

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The proceedings of the 2nd International scientific conference «Cyanoprokaryota/Cyanobacteria: systematic, ecology, distribution» (Syktyvkar, 2019) is a collection of materials in various areas of the Cyanoprokaryota/Cyanobacteria research. The topics including (I) flora, biogeography and ecology (II) systematics (III) molecular ecophysiology (V) metagenomic studies of various communities with presence of cyanobacteria (VI) secondary metabolites: structure, biosynthesis, physiological function, their role in nature, methods of detection (V) biotechnological application (VI) cyanobacterial «blooms» in aquatic ecosystems (VI) cyanobacteria participation in natural communities of aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems (VII) symbiotic associations (VIII) cyanobacteria’s and their part in evolution of the biosphere (IX) modern approaches and methods to collect and cultivate cyanobacteria. The proceedings are aimed to help algologists, microbiologists, ecologists, hydrobiologists, geologists, teachers, graduate students, students of biological and environmental specialties who are interested in research of Cyanoprokaryota/Cyanobacteria in aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems.

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E.N. Patova (ed.), I.N. Sterlyagova, L.Ya. Ogrodovaya