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1. Biodiversity and distribution of lichens (taxonomical diversity, geographical patterns of lichens distribution, zonal and regional lichen florae, rare and protected species).
2. Lichens in plant communities and ecosystems
3. Experimental biology and ecology of lichens (structure of thalli, growth and reproduction, functional activity and metabolism, bioactive substances, impact of climate and human factors on lichens).
4. Modern methods of lichens investigations (molecular-genetic approaches in systematic, biology and ecology of lichens, bioinformatics and IT).
5. Lichenology and education (preschool school and university education, public organizations, lichenology and mass-media, internet).
6. Field lichenological trip.

International Conference in Syktyvkar is organized to continue and develop the traditions of the 2nd International Conference «Lichenology in Russia: actual problems and prospects», Saint-Petersburg, 2014 and the International Workshop «Lichens of boreal forests», Syktyvkar, 2007.
The Conference agenda will be focused on the modern state of regional lichen florae, studying lichens physiology and lichens response on environmental and climate changes, as well as the issues of protection of rare and vulnerable species of lichens.

Conference languages: Russian, English

We would be grateful for any proposals on the organization and holding of the international conference “Lichens: from molecules to ecosystems” at

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