The Bely State Nature Reserve of Republican Significance

The Bely Reserve is located in the middle taiga subzone on the right coast of the Vychegda River, 45 km north-west of Syktyvkar. Its area is 7800 ha. The Reserve was established in 1989.

The landscape of the reserve is mainly represented by typical middle taiga watershed hog terraces cut by river and stream valleys. The key protected component of the reserve is pine forests of various ages. Spruce forests, birch forests and mixed spruce-birch forests are widespread along stream valleys. The ecosystems of the protected area are marked by regular human activity, including traces of trampling, felling and fires. “Bely” is one of the most popular wildlife sanctuaries in the Republic, especially among mushroom hunters.

Two species of protected vascular plants are found on the reserve: Pulsatilla patens (L.) Mill. and Poa remota Forsell. One species of moss, one species of fungi and three species of lichens included in the Red Book of Komi Republic are also present. A total of 139 lichen species have been identified in the reserve.

A 3.5 km long eco-trail, “Visiting Versa”, has been set up in the Bely Reserve. The route passes through a pine forest, stream terrace, and forest glades. The excursion comprises 15 stations, each of which features a stand with information about the specially protected natural territory and its ecosystem, inhabitants, plants, soil composition and Komi people hunting traditions. We will be accompanied on the excursion by an Reserve employee.

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