The Lekhta Projected State Nature Reserve

The Lekhta Nature Reserve has been established with the objective of rare lichen species habitats preserving. The reserve is located on the watershed of the rivers Eshtom’el and Sotchem’el, 2.2 km west of the Lekhta village (Priluzsky district of Komi Republic).

The territory includes parts of the Loemsky district forestry of Priluzsky forestry. The protected area is 1046 ha.

The territory includes areas of old-growth aspen-spruce and spruce forests, which play a key role in supporting rare lichen species, including representatives of the non-moral complex, whose habitats are known only in the south of Komi Republic.

The protected area is home to numerous rare lichen species, including Dendriscosticta gelida, Cetrelia olivetorum, Heterodermia speciosa, Lobaria pulmonaria, Nephromopsis laureri, Usnea longissima. The species listed in the Red Data Book of Komi Republic (2019) are characterised by a relatively high frequency of occurrence, with Lobaria pulmonaria, Heterodermia speciosa, Tuckneraria laureri and numerous identified populations being notable examples.

It should be noted that the forests currently allocated to the sanctuary were partially logged during the winter period of 2017-2018. Following negotiations with scientists and the PA Centre, an agreement was reached with loggers to halt logging in rare lichen species habitats. This will allow the area to be reserved.

It is advisable to wear appropriate hiking clothes and footwear (such as rubber boots) for this tour.

Boundaries of the Lekhta Projected Nature Reserve
Plant communities and feelings
Lichens species of the reserve