Annual Meeting of Nordic Tree Breeders and Forest Geneticists 2005


Status, monitoring and targets for breeding programs



The meeting will be held in Syktyvkar, Komi Republic, Russia at September 13-15, 2005. Arranged by Institute of Biology, Komi Science Center, Russian Academy of Sciences.


You are encouraged to arrive on Monday (Sept 12), the meeting starts on Tuesday at 8.30 and you can fly home on Friday (Sept 16).


The participation fee will be 200 . The participation fee covers meetings, meals and coffee during meeting days, airport transport (if arranged by the meeting), excursions and proceedings. The participation fee is payable at the meeting (in any reasonable currency equivalent to 200).


Information about the meeting (e. g. this announcement with more details and updates) is planned to be available on:


Detail information


This meeting is a continuation of annual meetings of Nordic tree breeders and forest geneticists going on for many decades. It is open for everyone. Efforts have been done to tie the Baltic countries to the activity and some meetings have occurred in Scotland. The Nordic group responsible the annual meetings is under reorganizing 2005 because of policy changes by SNS, but the Nordic contact persons have agreed on keeping the continuity 2005 in this way. Some information about earlier meetings can be found on


You may express special desires for your hotel room and you are recommendations confirm that you intend to come and your hotel desires and what itinerary in the period Aug 25 Sept 5 to Aleksey Fedorkov. If no special desires are expressed, it is likely to be a single room at around 40 in a three star hotel. Breakfast is included in price, payment can be made by VISA-card. (Special desire may be cheaper room, e.g. double room shared with some person)

Powerpoint slide shows can be presented on electronic projector.


The address of the Russian Institute is:

Institute of Biology, Kommunisticheskaya st., 28
Syktyvkar 167610, Komi Republic, Russia
Phone: (8212) 2
41119 Fax: (8212) 240163


Aleksey Fedorkov has office phone 245003 and his home telephone is: +7 8212 241660.


Electricity is 220 V A/C, connections usually work, and it is usually possible to plug in the electric supply to a portable computer.

Scandinavian mobiles work in Komi.


It is possible to report further posters till Aug 25, but if you intend to present an oral presentation, this should normally occur before registration dead line.

Time in Komi is Greenwich +2 (the same as in Moscow and St Petersburg)

Syktyvkar is located on 61N 50E around 1000 km NE of Moscow. Syktyvkar means City on the coast of the Sysola River. It is the capital of the Komi Republic, administrative, public, scientific and cultural center. The city is 210 years old. The population of the city is more than 200 thousand people. Rainy days can occur. You may feel need of rain coat or umbrella and on excursion - rubber boats. Information about Syktyvkar is at

Weekend in Komi?

For some participants it may be needed to stay away the night Saturday/Sunday for a cheap flight. Or you may just be you are just interested in tourisms. A meeting with Barents Ecological Form is planned to start Sept 19, it may give a reason for someone to stay over the weekend. You can get in touch with Aleksey, who is willing to arrange or suggest ideas how to spend the week end if there are desires connecting to that.


Proceeding plans:

The current idea is that proceedings will be published after the meeting. Only papers based on presentations by authors at the meeting will be published. The proceeding is currently planned as an independent booklet, not a part of a series. Aleksey Fedorkov will be main editor of the proceedings. Authors are requested to submit their contributions electronically before October 15 to Aleksey Fedorkov. The booklet will be distributed to the participants (each will get three copies free of charge) and to major forest libraries in their home countries. Try to be concise, papers based on oral presentation longer than 10 pages or abstracts based on posters more than 2 pages may be refused. More detailed instructions for the lay-out will appear later.


Communications with Syktyvkar

Current timetables are given but of course they can change:

Syktyvkar - Moscow-7:00 (local time) Moscow - Syktyvkar 9:50

Syktyvkar - Moscow-18:35 Moscow - Syktyvkar 21:30

On Sunday there is only evening flight through Moscow.

Syktyvkar - St.Petersburg 12:40 (arrives St Petersburg around 14.25)

St.Petersburg Syktyvkar 15:35

There are no flights on Thursday and Saturday through St.Petersburg. The travel through St.Petersburg is more convenient due to changing airport in Moscow.

The cost of the Russian domestic flight to Syktyvkar is around 115 one way, similar from St Petersburg and Moscow and no return or other discount. The flights take 1 hr 35 minute (Moscow) and 1 hr 45 minutes (St Petersburg).

The name of the airline flying to Syktyvkar is: Utair


At Moscow you must change airport the international is Sheremetjevo-2 and domestic airport is Vnukovo, and it may be inconveniences and even risks connected to the cab transport, public transportation is too complicated and time consuming. There are taxi agencies inside the terminal buildings, yellow, taxi written, you pay at the agency and get a recite. The price may be 1500 2000 rubles (about 60). The trip takes more than an hour. Probably you are several passengers with the same goal at the airplane, when you can share taxi.


In St Petersburg it is the same airport, but different terminals. It is a free shuttle between terminals. The international terminal is Pulkovo 2 and the domestic Pulkovo 1.


Contribution to travel costs:

Participants from Iceland, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland and the Baltic countries can get part of their travel cost covered. The funding is sufficient for about 13 participants traveling in a cheap way, an estimation will be done depending on the location on the traveler, and positively modified for participants making a presentation or a presenting a poster.


You are eligible for a contribution to your traveling costs if you 1) register before the dead line given; 2) has an affiliation in Iceland, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland or the Baltic countries; 3) has not got a particular travel grant for this particular journey (e.g. your institute or project pays); 4) send the particulars how you want the money paid to Dag Lindgren. E.g. Bengt Andersson and Dag Lindgren will ask a foundation for coverage of the full cost of the meeting and will therefore not burden the funds available for traveling contributions. If you in a similar way get traveling costs paid by a foundation you are expected to inform Dag Lindgren on email ( You should inform Dag Lindgren how you want the money paid to your institute and what codes should be written on the payment. E.g. (if travel contribution were the destination): Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, pay via SWIFT to Nordea, Box 276, 751 05 UPPSALA, Sweden IBAN: SE74 9500 0099 6034 0957 6810 SWIFT address NDEASESS. Contribution of travel expenses to the Nordic meeting in Komi by Dag Lindgren, postal account 15667-9, ID 330, project 1002.


Registration form for Meeting of Nordic Tree Breeders and Forest Geneticists 2005




Professional address:










Note, if you do not express other desires, a hotel room will be reserved for you September 12 - 16 (4 nights), it is likely to be a single room at around 40 at a 3 star hotel. This should be paid directly by you to the hotel and you are responsible for the reservation, keep Aleksey Fedorkov updated on the hotel reservation.



I intend to make a presentation/poster with title:



(Preferable within the theme of the meeting, but other subjects are acceptable)


Special dietary requirements or other desires:


Passport number and date when passport expires (official invitations which may be required for visa will be sent to all who register before the dead line during May, you should have got it before the end of May):


To register, send an e-mail to the conference organizer, Aleksey Fedorkov, preferable to, alternatively by fax +7 8212 24 01 63.

If you think you want a contribution to travel cost, please specify how the money should be transferred to your institute and send the information to Dag Lindgren, preferable or fax +46 (0)90 786 81 65.


Registrations should be sent to May 1, 2005. If you register and later cancel or neglect to cancel but do not appear you may be asked to refund costs caused by that. Sometimes you can check on the home page of the meeting what is new or if information has changed.