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MAMMOTH ULTRA-CONTINENTAL WRB field workshop 17-23 of August 2013

The Commission on Soil Classification and the WRB (World Reference Base) and USC (Universal Soil Classification) Working Groups of the International Union of Soil Sciences together with the Dokuchaev (Russian) Soil Science Society are pleased to welcome you to the Ultra-Continental Field Workshop to the heart of the Eurasian continent - the region of Central Sakha (Yakutia), East Siberia, to examine and discuss the genesis and classification of unique ultra-continental permafrost-affected soils.

Scientific program
During the workshop the participants would see:

- Permafrost, ice cores, pingos (bulgunniah) and other cryogenic structures;

- Mysterious permafrost-affected “pale soils” (Cryosols, Cambisols?);

- Permafrost-affected steppe soils (Chernozems, Solodic Planosols?);

- Saline and sodic soils (Solonchaks and Solonetz);

- Unique “alas” landscapes - steep-sided depressions formed by thermokarst (the thawing of permafrost) with a lake and corresponding post-limnic soils;

- Soils formed in sandy deposits (Stagnosols?);

- Geology and geomorphology of the famous Lena Pillars.


The workshop is organized by an extensive group of specialists. The persons responsible for the organization are:

- Prof. Roman Desyatkin (Institute of Biological Problems of Cryosphere, Russian Academy of Sciences, Yakutsk)

- Prof. Sergey Goryachkin (Institute of Geography, Moscow; Dokuchaev Soil Science Society)

- Prof. Pavel Krasilnikov (Moscow State University; Soil Classification Commission IUSS)

- Dr. Peter Schad (Technological University of Munich, Freising, Germany; IUSS Working Group WRB)

Photos from the tour

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Let me see the profile
Lunch preparation
Moonrise over Yakutsk harbour
On the Lena
On the Lena 2
Only vehicle on the roads